A unique and valuable service is available for Boston area owners of European, antique, and classic automobiles.

Jim Miga's The Garage Valet brings his clients the benefits of his over twenty-five years of experience with these invaluable vehicles. His clients have included some of the most respected restoration shops, dealerships, and collectors in New England, as well as Bonhams Auction House.

The Garage Valet offers services tailored to each vehicle's needs. While some cars need only routine detailing, others often need minor repairs to paint or leather. The Garage Valet is your solution to the little things that a regular shop (or you) could never take the time to do.

In addition, all work is done on your premises! Your vehicle never leaves your home or garage. All phases of detailing are carefully performed by hand. Minor services and repairs are a specialty of The Garage Valet. Experience, integrity, and service are all yours from The Garage Valet!