barn finds

1950 Ford F3 Pickup Truck

Sitting in a barn since 1960

"Before" photo

Hood after washing

After careful washing, polishing and wax

Door after rehab

Hood after polish and wax

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Sitting neglected in a garage since the 1980s. Careful cleaning, buffing and waxing brought the finish back to life.



1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

Sat in a Beverly Hills parking garage since 1971. The paint, chrome, vinyl and leather all came back to life. Cleaned and preserved. Contrary to popular belief, barn finds should NOT be left as-is! This is not patina — it is dirt, filth and neglect.

A few "before" photos

Untouched for nearly 50 years!

Chrome very dirty and pitted

Paint was badly faded

Wheels were dull and pitted

Careful cleaning and polishing by hand brought the chrome hubcaps back to life

Vinyl interior panels, "after" and "before"

Wheel "after"

Paint and bumpers look great, repainting not needed!

The paint now has its original shine