Jim Miga has over 25 years of experience working on exotic and antique cars, having detailed and worked on many cars for the Larz Anderson Auto Museum.  He has been a member of the New England Alfa Romeo club since 1973.  In 2007, he launched The Garage Valet, a unique service dedicated to helping European, antique, and classic automobile owners take better care of their cars.

The service is tailored to fit the needs of each car.  Many clients' cars would need only a routine detailing, while others may need minor maintenance or repairs before heading out, whether it be to a car show, a Sunday drive, or the race track.

The kinds of jobs that we do are those that most shops cannot take the time to do, or that our clients do not have the time to do.  All work is done carefully.  Buffing and polishing is done by hand.

And the work is done at your home!  This makes it very easy for clients whose cars may not yet be on the road, or who simply canít stand the thought of letting their jewels out of their sight!

Please contact us with any questions or for a free consultation.